$422 Monthly Apartment in Jiashan

$422 Monthly Apartment in Jiashan

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$422 Monthly Apartment in Jiashan

$422 Monthly Apartment in Jiashan – My director introduced a housing agent to us. Thank goodness she was able to speak English. She showed us two units.

The first unit was a 2 bedroom apartment and the second one was a one bedroom apartment. The 2 bedroom apartment seemed it was new, but the rent was obviously more expensive.

The 1 bedroom apartment she showed us seemed a bit old and very dirty, but rent was cheaper. We decided to go with the 2 bedroom apartment because of the bigger space and that it was a new building.

Our housing agent had us sign a 10 month contract (We negotiated the length of the contract). I had to provide them a passport, thumbprint stamp and a signature. We agreed to pay the rent three months in advance plus one month’s deposit.

Our monthly rent is 3000 RMB which is around 422 USD. We also agreed to pay the next 4 months of rent (12,000 RMB) in November and the last 3 months of rent in March (9,000 RMB).

FYI: It’s up to the tenant and landlord how rent is paid. From what I know, negotiation is flexible when renting an apartment in China.

Dirty Problems

We also asked the landlord to have the apartment cleaned and ready before we moved in. But after we moved in, there were many problems and it was still very dirty.

Our TV, laundry machine and sink had issues. They were not working properly. The apartment was still dirty. We had to really clean the apartment, and that shit took about a week.

I believe this is typical in China when you move in to a new place. It’s probably best to spend some money and hire a cleaner to have a “deep clean” before moving in. Also, it’s best to be there while the cleaner is doing his or her job.

The landlord came back and switched another TV. He also brought in a couple of repairmen to fix the laundry machine. Our sink is still leaking, hope the landlord fixes it as soon as possible. As for the sofa, I had to vacuum and wash the pillow covers. It was too much fucking work; we also bought a sofa cover. Cleaning the sofa was disgusting as fuck. Probably would have been better just throwing that shit away.

Finally, we had to purchase many housing appliances to make living practical. We had to buy a desk, chair, vacuum, microwave, rice cooker, and etc. From what I can recall, I believe we spent a total of about 500 USD. Thankfully, from a help of my colleague, we bought most of our things on Taobao.com.

If it’s your first time moving to China, I hope this post is somewhat informative. It wasn’t easy for us moving into our new apartment. We had to spent a lot of money and time for our move.

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