Buying Cold Medicine in China

Buying Cold Medicine in China

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Buying Cold Medicine in China

Buying Cold Medicine in China – It’s been a while since I posted something related to Living Abroad. I guess it’s because I have been busy or lazy.

This will be a short post about what I bought in Jiashan, China.

So Golden Week has just ended and I’m finally almost recovering from a slight cold I caught a few days ago.

Three days ago, we went to Shanghai and became tourists for the whole day. Literally from 8 AM to 10 PM. It was interesting to see how packed Shanghai was during Golden Week. We did a few of the touristy stuff: Bund, Nanjing Road, etc. Just a lot of walking throughout the whole day.

After the whole day in Shanghai, we took the high speed railway train back to Jiashan. Once we arrived to Jiashan, I directly went to a coworker’s BBQ. It was windy and a bit chilly that night…

Next day, I have a runny nose and sore throat. It’s been a while since I got sick. Probably more than a year. Anyways, I tried to tough it out through the first night of sickness.

Cold Medicine

Second day of sickness, as my wife and I finished eating dinner. We drove by a local drugstore.

I didn’t want to buy any medication, but my wife insisted. So we went into the pharmacy and asked for some cold medicine.

I told the pharmacist my symptoms and also showed a picture of what kind of medicine I wanted.

The pharmacist said they didn’t carry the medicine I showed, so she recommended something else.

The price of the medicine was 49.8 RMB which is around 7 USD. It’s somewhat expensive, in my opinion.

The name of the medicine is NEOSED tablets for “running nose, nasal congestion, headache, fever”. I don’t know why, but there’s caffeine in this medicine.

NEOSED in Chinese characters

Anyways, I tried it a few times. Honestly, I don’t know if it was helpful. If anybody is reading this, and is looking for some over the counter medication in China… I hope this information helps.

NEOSED tablets

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