cheap haircut for $4.50 haircut in Phuket, Thailand

Cheap Haircut for $4.50 at The Tiger 86 Barber, Phuket


I got a nice cheap haircut for $4.50 at The Tiger 86 Barber Chillva Market in Phuket, Thailand:

Cheap Haircut: As my wife and I were walking around Chillva Market, we saw this little “hut” in the corner.  In this “hut” was a barber shop.  In front of the barber shop was a cute french bulldog just chilling on top of a table.  The nice ladies in front of the barber shop were the receptionists and told me to write down my info.  The first cheap haircut I had in Chalong was 200 baht but This is the cheapest haircut I had in Phuket. This cheap haircut in Chillva Market was 150 baht, which is about $4.50 USD.

It was somewhat of a long scooter to Chillva Market.  Depending on the traffic and how fast you go by scooter, it can about 20-30 minutes from Chalong.  I think Chillva Market is a trendy night market where many young Thai locals visit to have dinner or snacks.  I haven’t seen that many foreigners at this market.  Chillva Market opens everyday at 4PM.  Also, there are a couple of places where you can have a few beers there too.

As for the haircut, The Tiger 86 Barber is closed on Sundays.  There can be a long wait at this barber shop since there’s only one barber; I think he’s also a popular barber too.  Just in case, it’s good to write your name and number for the receptionist. Also, It was a fast haircut, it took about 10 minutes. Furthermore, f you’re looking for a simple, fast and convenient haircut, I’d recommend The Tiger 86 Barber.  If you watch the YouTube video, you can find the barber shop’s information.  His phone number, Line ID and hours are provided on the sign.  Just in case, here’s a screenshot of the location:

The Tiger 86 Barber Chillva Market Phuket, Thailand map
The Tiger 86 Barber Chillva Market Phuket Thailand map

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