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Dave Young Kim

Dave Young Kim, a Korean American artist. My sister told me about this artist. So I looked at his site and read his about page. Shit is deep, I’d like to know more about this guy. Anyway, here’s a post from his IG:

More about him from his about page:

“Born and raised in Los Angeles, currently based in Oakland, …attended the University of California, Davis before earning an MFA at Mills College. Being of Korean descent he draws from cultural history, family stories and personal experiences in depicting images of identity. In his contextualized works, he uses the specific to talk about universal ideas of the human condition. Ultimately his work is premised on the idea that we are all looking for a place to call home. “

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New painting for the upcoming show @vesselgallery “Utopia” considering environmental preservation in affiliation with @coalandicesf and the Global Climate Action Summit. . . Opening reception Friday, Sept 7th 6-9pm runs through Oct 20th. Vessel Gallery – 471 25th St. Oakland, CA . . What Goes Around Comes Around Latex and Acrylic on Wood Panel 48 x 48 . . On April 15, 1912, a five-year-old Olympic-class ocean liner—the biggest in the world at the time and a modern marvel—struck a 3,000-year-old iceberg and sank. A passing ship later identified the alleged iceberg by the red streaks of paint running across its base from its collision with the Titanic, the boat “God himself could not sink.” Ultimately, challenging nature proves to be a losing battle as demonstrated time and again. But the pride of man blinds us to these often tragic lessons. A hallmark of modern day culture is convenient consumption, and subsequently, we create waste. We greedily and often mindlessly consume resources that trash Earth, setting it on the path to its demise and ultimately depleting it of its ability to sustain us. Think about how many pieces of one-time use packaging you threw away just today, then multiply that by 326 million (the population of the U.S.) then multiply that by days in a year, the math speaks for itself. Nature consumes except gracefully in partnership with the Earth and with the sole purpose of providing for Life. Graphically, our habitual trajectory is a half circle. It appears the only way to save the Earth, and ultimately ourselves is to change our culture from half-circle to full circle, where everything we take from the Earth is replenished and safely returns to it. It must be cyclical, else we sink.

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