How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 3

How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 3: $19.58


How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 3: $19.58

Again, I’ll be explaining how much i spent in Hanoi day 3.  As I have mentioned before, we’ll be staying in Hanoi for about two weeks.  Today’s lunch was just so-so; I don’t think we’ll go back to this restaurant.  For dinner, we went to a Singaporean type of restaurant.  The restaurant was also so-so, and again, I don’t think we’ll go back.  We haven’t really done much on Day 3.  My wife and I are usually in our accommodation working online.  We’re usually busy most of the day working and go out only to eat.  I would usually try and go out on a Friday or Saturday night.  Thank you for your time.  I hope this information is of some good use to you.





Again, I’ll try and keep this daily spending updated.  Hopefully some of this information can be of good use.




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