How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 4

How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 4: $16.76


How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 4: $16.76

As I have mentioned before, we’ll be staying in Hanoi for about two weeks.  In this video, I’ll be explaining how much I spent in Hanoi Day 4.  I guess it’s similar with any big or touristy city, but the farther away you go from Old & French quarter coffee, things seem to be cheaper.  Coffee was about 5,000 dong cheaper compared to the area where we were staying at.  Later on, as I mention in the video, we bought some ice cream.  In my opinion, I thought the ice cream tasted okay; I don’t think I would buy it again.



Again, I’ll try and keep this daily spending updated.  Hopefully some of this information can be of good use.




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