Korean Hellboy's Upcoming Fight

Korean Hellboy’s Upcoming Fight


Korean Hellboy’s Upcoming Fight

Korean Hellboy’s Upcoming FightWon Jun “Hellboy” Jang will be fighting again this Saturday on November 9th in South Korea.

It looks like there’s a collaboration between MMC (Mixed Martial Championship from China) and AFC (Angel’s Fighting Championship from South Korea). The event starts at 7 PM on the KBSNSPORTS channel.

Won Jun Jang will be fighting in this card.

Unfortunately in his previous fight, he lost due to a doctor stoppage.

Of course, Won Jun would like to win by TKO or submission without any injuries this time.

It looks like his opponent is from China, Chunbo Yuan (4-8). According to his fight records, it seems like his background is in Jiujitsu.

Chunbo Yuan vs. Won Jun Jang

Won Jun has stated that he has been training at his gym, Hell Gym, in Mungyeong, South Korea.

He received an offer from Angel’s Fighting Championship 3 weeks before the fight.

At the moment, he’s been training at Team Macho in Seoul, South Korea. Also, he stated that weight cutting has been his biggest difficulty so far. Thankfully, the team captain of Team Macho, Jang Yong Kim, has been a great help to Won Jun’s diet and training.

As I have mentioned in a previous post of Won Jun, he is an MMA fighter basically with one hand. In my opinion, he is a warrior. He would like to let everybody know he can overcome any kind of hardship even with a disability.

Let’s go Won Jun.

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