Korean MMA Fighter Seokhan Park

Korean MMA Fighter Seokhan Park


Korean MMA Fighter: Seokhan Park

Korean MMA Fighter: Seokhan Park – On Saturday, November 9th, Seokhan Park (1-0) will be fighting Seigo Yamatomo (4-5). He will be in the Young Guns 45 Road FC card located in Yeosu, South Korea.

From looking at the fight history of Seokhan’s opponent, it seems that most of his losses come from submissions. I haven’t seen any of the opponent’s fights but I’m assuming that Seokhan should apply his grappling arsenal to Seigo.

Seokhan has been a good friend and training partner. I was able to train at his gym every time I was in Jeju Island: Ssaukuda Training Center.

As you can see in the video below, Seokhan has been training hard for his upcoming second fight.


The Road FC president, Mun-Hong Jung, was helpful to provide training to Seokhan with other professional fighters. Seokhan was able to train with the Road FC bantamweight champion, Soo-chul Kim, every weekend in Wonju, South Korea. Seokhan also stated that he focused training on his weaknesses during the weekdays.

The difficulties that Seokhan has faced for this upcoming fight was managing work, training and money. He has stated that most fighters are in a similar situation as he is. But he is still enjoying the fighter’s life even with its difficulties that come with it.

As for Seokhan’s diet, he has stated that he’s been personally eating fruits and almonds. He was also provided with the sponsored Road FC’s Goobne Chicken.

Left: Seokhan Park

Seokhan mentioned that he wanted to win this fight by a high or low kick KO. A takedown to ground and pound or by submission would be ideal too.

Fnally, Seokhan would like everybody to know that his base is in Kyokushin Karate. He also has the influence of the Kyokushin Karate founder’s (Masutatsu Oyama) mindset. Seokhan wants to show that as a professional MMA fighter, he wants to prove the value of martial arts.

Let’s go Seokhan.

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