South Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

South Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang “Hellboy”


South Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang “Hellboy”

In my opinion, there is a South Korean MMA fighter that has been kept low key and his name is Won Jun Jang.  Won Jun and I have trained together for a few years.  At this time, we were training to become professional fighters and were looking forward to our debut.  In my eyes, Won Jun is a good training partner, younger brother and friend.  Even with his disability, Won Jun is a fighter that should never be underestimated.   In my opinion, Won Jun’s strength is in his grappling but others say that his striking is better.  It’s been a while since I contacted him.  I’d like to share and let everybody know who this South Korean MMA fighter is (translated from Korean to English):


An Interview with a South Korean MMA Fighter

Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

For people that want to know who you are, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m a professional MMA fighter and my name is Won Jun Jang.  Also, my nickname is Hellboy.

Why did you start MMA?

I have a disability on my right hand and I always had a bad habit of hiding it.  But when I am training, I can confidently show my hand and it makes me very happy.  I also want to show everybody that a person with a disability like me can do MMA.

And when did you start MMA?

I actually started training in MMA at the age of 27.

Why is your nickname Hellboy?

I saw the movie, “Hellboy” and noticed that his right hand was very big and powerful.  After watching the movie, I decided to have my nickname as “Hellboy” because I believe that my right hand is as powerful as his.

Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

What are your goals in MMA?

As with most fighters, to try and get into the UFC.

So what have you been up to these days?

I competed at M-1 Challenge79 in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 1st this year.  I’m now resting these days.  I’m looking into opening up a gym too.

Oh nice, what made you want to open up a gym? 

I’ll be 33 years old next year… I’m old, right?  As I have been training and coaching, the income is very low which makes living difficult.  So I’m thinking maybe it’s better to start a gym instead?  This is why I made my decision in starting a gym.

When do you think your gym will start? 

I’m thinking of starting my gym in April next year.

And where will it be located?

As of this moment, I’m still looking for a good location.  If there’s a location where many people are passing by and where there aren’t many other gyms, that would be great.  It’s taking quite some time but if I find the right place then I’ll start the gym as soon as possible.


 South Korean MMA Fighter Training

Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

What is your typical day like after training?

After training, I go to my part-time job.  I don’t have much time, so I go to work right after training.

What kind of training do you do?

The training is different everyday.  Striking, wrestling, jiujitsu, MMA, learning techniques and sparring.

What are your strengths in MMA?

Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

Honestly, I have a lot of weaknesses.  But to make up for it, I believe my left punch, kicks and unpredictable movements are good offenses.

How do you support yourself through training and competition these days?

It’s difficult to live off of the fight money that I earn so I have a few part-time jobs.  In order to have a steady income, the side jobs that I do are valet parking, personal trainer, MMA coach and etc.


Outside of Training

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to meet up with my friends or have a drink with my teammates.  I also enjoy playing games at a PC cafe.

Korean MMA Fighter: Won Jun Jang "Hellboy"

What kind of computer games do you like?

These days I’m into League of Legends and StarCraft.  Usually, whenever I have free time, I play these games.

I know this is a personal question, but do you have a girlfriend right now?

Yes, I have a girlfriend right now. ^^

And what do you like in a woman?

I like a woman who I can easily click with.  Also, being independent and well mannered to the elderly.


Keeping in Touch with a South Korean MMA Fighter

How can people stay up to date with you?

I have facebook and instagram, but I’m not really into uploading pictures and I don’t have any recent photos or news of myself.  I’ll start uploading photos soon.

Why should people be interested in you as an MMA fighter?

전 다른선수들과 다르기때문에 장애가 있지만 이것이 결코 문제가 되지않다라는것을 사람들에게 알려주고싶어요.

Although I have a disability, I want to let everybody know that it’s not a problem and that I am a unique fighter.


Photo Courtesy: Clayton Jones Images
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