learn korean book: hangul is delicious!

Learn Korean Book: Hangul is Delicious!


Learn Korean Book – My sister recently created a simple book for anyone to learn this beautiful language. Please click here or on the amazon.com thumbnail below:

The content on the amazon.com product page states, “A cute picture book to help anyone learn Korean consonants with Korean food. Coloring and writing practice pages included. All artwork is created by HAETAE (Hyeon Nam).”

learn Korean words!
practice writing Korean consonants!
the front cover of hangul is delicious!
learn by cute pictures!
also a coloring book!

Yes, it is difficult

In my opinion, I believe the Korean language is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. As a Korean-American, I’m still trying to learn and improve my Korean. The culture, honorifics, and formalities of the Korean language is the most difficult for me to improve and learn.

Just try to learn Korean from this book

For beginners, this book can be a great and fun way to start your journey in learning this beautiful language.

The pictures, words, and colors make it simple to remember the Korean words.

Just an FYI, the kindle version of this book does not include the color and workbook pages.

If you do end up buying this book, please leave a review on the amazon.com product page. Thank you for your time!

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