How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 3

How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 2: $29.94


How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 2: $29.94

I’d like to apologize in advance because I was a bit buzzed while making this video.  I sound like an idiot in this video.  Anyways, in this video, I’m listing off how much i spent in Hanoi Day 2: $29.94.  The cashews at the convenient store were expensive.  A couple of days later, my wife did some research on “blood cashews” in Vietnam.  I’m not sure if we’ll buy cashews in Vietnam again.  If you have time, please look it up on Wikipedia and let me know what you think about “blood cashews”.





Again, I’ll try and keep this daily spending updated.  Hopefully some of this information can be of good use.





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