No Gi Jiujitsu Drilling Pura Vida Chiang Mai


No Gi Jiujitsu Drilling Pura Vida Chiang Mai

No Gi Jiujitsu Drilling: In this video, we’re drilling some butterfly sweep techniques.  The top guy is smashing the bottom guy with the butterfly guard.  The bottom guy moves the top guys arm and gets the overhook.  Next, the bottom guy hips out and the bottom leg is center based between the top guy’s legs.  Then the bottom guy does the half butterfly guard sweep and ends up in a 3/4 mount.

While attempting this sweep and the top guy has a strong base, an omoplata counter can be used.  Once the top guy bases while attempting the sweep, grab the top guy’s wrist.  The bottom leg of the bottom guy should be on the top guy’s hip.  Bring the other leg to the top guy’s shoulder and then there’s the setup for the omoplata.

Sweeps Sweeps Sweeps

Another sweep we’ve drilling on was to grab the top guy’s arm with both hands.  The top guy tries to pull away from the grips but the bottom guy uses the pull to lift up the top guy straight into single leg x.  The next step is to move the top guy’s leg to the other side of the bottom guy’s hip.  After moving the bottom guy’s leg, the bottom guy does a leg drag while securing the top guy’s wrist.  Finally, the bottom guy can finish with side control.

The final drilling sequence we worked on from butterfly guard to single leg x.  As it was a bit similar to the previous sweep, the bottom guy should secure a strong grip of the bottom guy’s arm.  Step 2 is to get into the single leg x and then transition to the x-guard.  Once the x-guard is in place, a technical stand up can be used.

If you’re in Chiang Mai or plan on visiting Chiang Mai, please visit Pura Vida Studio Thailand.  As always, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  If you’d like to see other training-related posts, please click on this link:


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