Required Documents For Our Move To China

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Required Documents For Our Move To China

Required Documents For Our Move To China – My wife and I will be moving to China tonight. I found a position at a university as an English Instructor that is somewhat near Shanghai (Zhejiang province). This will be our first time visiting Shanghai and living in China.

As for myself, it’s been quite some time since I visited China. The last time I visited China was for business, and it was in Beijing and Tianjin which was about 7 years ago, I believe.

Once I signed the contract for the instructor position, my wife and I had to prepare many required documents for our Z-Visa (working visa?) and L-Visa (tourist visa). This process took a lot of time. We started the preparation since May 2019 and finished in August 2019. Not only did it take a long time, it was also expensive. Please take a look at the list below.

Documents & Cost:

  • $15 – notarization of my TESOL Certificate
  • $58.95 – USPS express delivery (USA to South Korea)
  • 160,000 KRW – notarization and authentication of my background check
  • 17,000 KRW – translation of our marriage certificate (Korean to Chinese)
  • 125,250 KRW – notarization and authentication of marriage certificate
  • 190,000 KRW – my Chinese visa application (Z-Visa)
  • 55,000 KRW – wife’s Chinese visa application (L-Visa)

Other Expenses:

  • 70,000 KRW – my one-way flight to shanghai (CJU to PVG)
  • 63,400 KRW – wife’s one-way flight
  • 2,000 KRW – parking fee
  • 20,000 KRW – blanket warmer

So the total is about 791,697 KRW which is around $653. Thankfully, I’m flying from South Korea to Shanghai. The flight wasn’t expensive at all and I’ll also be reimbursed for it later on. So I guess you can say, I spent a total of under $600, which is still a lot of money spent.

My wife and I went through a lot of trouble and difficulties getting the required documents for China. As of now, we’re still not 100% sure everything is correct or necessary.

I’ve been living abroad for more than ten years now. As for my wife and I, this will be our second country living abroad. We’re excited to move to China. We hope this will be a great experience for us.

I’ll try to keep posting our experiences of living and working abroad in Zhejiang province, China on a weekly basis.

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