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South Korea Archery: “South Korea’s archery…”


South Korea Archery: “South Korea’s archery invincibility explained | Land of Legends”

South Korea Archery: In this YouTube video, it shows how the Korean National Archery Team won so many medals in the Olympics. It’d be interesting to learn more about the mindset of this team in training and during competition.

Since the South Korean National Archery team debuted at the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984, they have won gold medals at every Olympics.”

39 Olympic Medals
23 Gold
9 Silver
7 Bronze”

The invincible Korean Women’s team has won the Olympic team gold 8 consecutive times since the team event made its debut at Seoul 1988.”

Rio 2016 saw the Koreans made its first historic clean sweep of archery gold medals in both the men’s and women’s individual and team events.”

Unfortunately, this YouTube video has been blocked from display on other websites. If you’d like to watch this video, please click on this link:

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