South Korean Student Beaten on Oxford Street

South Korean Student Beaten on Oxford Street


South Korean Student Beaten on Oxford Street

As I was browsing through Google News earlier this month, I saw an article from, “South Korean student ‘beaten up by 10 thugs in race hate attack on Oxford Street’“.

According to the article, it states:

“A South Korean student has told how she was beaten by up to 10 thugs in an alleged race hate attack on Oxford Street. 

Mary Lee, a student at university in Canterbury, was allegedly targeted by a gang of people who violently attacked her as she was sightseeing in Oxford Street earlier this month.

The 22-year-old, who has lived in the UK for around three years while studying illustration and animation, suffered swelling and bruises after the attack, which police believe is racially motivated. “

I wonder what happened to these 10 thugs. Did they get caught? Any footage from CCTV on Oxford Street? Anyways, I hope they find them.

Props to Mary Lee starting a petition:

South Korean Student Beaten

Please sign the petition and support Mary Lee.

If you know of any updates, please feel free to comment below, thank you.

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