Training with a Torn ACL - Workout Session 12

Training with a Torn ACL – Workout Session 12


Training with a Torn ACL – Workout Session 12

While training with a torn ACL, this was the final workout session for the 4 week training block.  Surprisingly, for the double kettlebell front squats and farmer’s walk, I have improved by about 10 seconds.

December 8th, 2017 workout session:

  • stretches
  • SSB (Safety Squat Bar) Squat
  • bench press
  • inverted row
  • swiss bar rollout
  • double kettlebell front squat 8 x 8
  • farmer’s walk 8 x 20 meters


  • to have an endless gas tank
  • solid core
  • the right diet

On a side note, since I cannot do MMA sparring, I’m focusing my time and energy on strength and conditioning.  I should do some light workouts on my downtime at home, such as shadowboxing.

So far Eric has been helpful in my training regimen that won’t hinder or worsen my injury.  Hopefully, I can see and feel some improvements in my S&C soon.  As I have mentioned in my previous post, due to my injury, it’s been difficult not being able to train specifically in MMA.  I’m not sure when I can get my knee fixed.  Unfortunately, due to the high costs, it won’t be any time soon.

Again, I’ll try and keep these workouts updated.  Hopefully some of these workouts can be of good use.




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