Utility Bills in China

Utility Bills in China – Jiashan County Jiaxing City

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Gas, Electricity, and Water Bills in China

Utility Bills in China – As you can see in the list below, here’s a list of our utility bills in China. More specifically, we’re located in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province:

  • 10/19/19: 29.5 RMB (water bill)
  • 11/6/19: 73.17 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 11/18/19: 32.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 12/6/19: 76.55 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 12/10/19: 32.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 12/13/19: 21.7 RMB (gas bill)
  • 12/18/19: 29.5 RMB (water bill from September)
  • 1/4/20: 147.06 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 1/18/20: 35.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 2/19/20: 69.16 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 3/4/20: 38.98 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 3/27/20: 11.8 RMB (water bill)
  • 4/7/20: 176.32 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 4/19/20: 47.2 RMB (water bill)
  • 5/6/20: 134.83 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 5/19/20: 38.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 6/4/20: 84.53 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 6/19/20: 41.3 RMB (water bill)
  • 7/4/20: 120.38 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 7/18/20: 35.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 8/4/20: 159.98 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 8/18/20: 29.5 RMB (water bill)
  • 9/5/20: 277.58 RMB (electricity bill)
  • 9/21/20: 35.4 RMB (water bill)
  • 10/4/20: 103.88 (electricity bill)

So my wife and I have lived in China for over a year so far. As for now, we’ll be living here for another year.

Average Monthly Bills in Jiashan County

Fortunately, our utility bills while living in Jiashan County haven’t been too expensive. On average, our monthly electricity bill is around 120 RMB which is around $18 USD. During the summer, we’d have the AC on for a few hours per day. And during wintertime, we used our heater throughout the whole day. We thought the electricity would’ve been expensive, but it wasn’t that bad actually.

Also, our average water bill is around 33 RMB which is around $5 USD. We use the water from our kitchen and bathroom quite often. Surprisingly, the water bill is quite cheap. FYI, we bought a faucet mount water filtration system in our kitchen sink. Something similar to this:

For some reason, our landlord only billed us the gas bill once (once every three months). As you can see the list from above, the gas bill was 21.7 RMB which is around $3.20 USD. I’m sure he’ll bill us later.

Overall Expectations in Utility Bills

Overall, paying the utility bills while living in China is not too much of a burden. The bills are not as expensive from what I have expected. I usually pay the bills to my landlord through WeChat.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to move to China, I hope this information is of some good use. Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for your time.

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