Walking Around Suzhou Sep 2020

Walking Around Suzhou Sep 2020


So walking around Suzhou on September 23rd for 5 days was a last minute trip. Please take a look at the YouTube video:

My apologies, it’s been a while posting something on this blog.

How Much We Spent in Suzhou, China

So here’s how much we spent during our 5 days in Suzhou, China:

  • DiDi to Jiashan Nan train station: 14.68 RMB
  • high speed train to Suzhou Bei station: 125 RMB
  • convenience store: 41.52 RMB
  • DiDi to hostel: 58.44 RMB
  • hostel: 378 RMB
  • dinner: 139 RMB
  • convenience store: 28.28 RMB
  • lunch: 24 RMB
  • bakery: 14 RMB
  • coffee: 26 RMB
  • dinner: 120 RMB
  • DiDi: 20.21 RMB
  • DiDi: 25.03 RMB
  • convenience store: 7.5 RMB
  • DiDi: 21.27 RMB
  • lunch: 125 RMB
  • shopping: 229 RMB
  • DiDi: 24.59 RMB
  • cafe: 45 RMB
  • dinner: 78 RMB
  • bar: 90 RMB
  • reservation for high speed train to Jiashan Nan: 139 RMB
  • lunch: 77 RMB
  • cafe: 30 RMB
  • dinner: 27 RMB
  • convenience store: 9.6 RMB
  • lunch: 56 RMB
  • cafe: 68 RMB
  • DiDi taxi: 15 RMB
  • convenience store: 9 RMB
  • DiDi: 15.62 RMB

The total was about 2110 RMB which is around $310.

Walking Around Suzhou Sep 2020

As you can see from what we spent, we didn’t do much. Just like the title of this post, we just walked around the popular walking streets. We didn’t go to any of the famous tourist spots like the gardens. Again, we didn’t do much and just had some good food.

We Stayed At A Hostel for 378 RMB

So the hostel we stayed is called Suzhou Blue Gate Youth Hostel. We got a private room at this hostel. The hosts there were nice and it was pretty quiet. Our room was quite small but satisfactory.

Travel to Suzhou, China

I would definitely visit Suzhou, China again sometime in the near future. Feel free to leave a comment, thanks again for reading this post.

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