Monkey Hill Phuket

What to Expect at Monkey Hill Phuket Thailand


What to Expect at Monkey Hill Phuket, Thailand

Supposedly there are over 400 macaques at Monkey Hill in Phuket, Thailand.
In my opinion, please be careful if you decide to bring children to Monkey Hill.

If you watch the YouTube video, the little girl in pink got a bad scratch on her face while feeding the monkeys…

About Uncle Hog:
Supposedly, he comes to Monkey Hill everyday around 11 AM (?) to feed the monkeys.
I don’t think you need to buy any food for the macaques if you arrive at the same time he arrives…
If you help Uncle Hog, it should be okay to feed the monkeys with the food he provides.

Oh, there’s a lot of dogs too..
It looks like the dogs and monkeys really hate each other.

You can find more details if you go to this site:

Overall, I believe visiting Monkey Hill can be a somewhat unique and fun experience.  Again, please be careful if you’re near the monkeys.  The monkeys will approach you if it looks like you have food in your hand.  And as you may already know, they can steal or take things from your scooter or things that you’re holding on to.

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