biggest impression of South Korea

What was your biggest impression of South Korea?


What Was Your Biggest Impression of South Korea?

Biggest Impression of South Korea Transcript

you wanna know that?
are you really interested in that?
are you really interested in that?
i don’t think so
you just thought of something when you said that


my first impression when i went to korea in 2006
you wanna know that?
at that time, i think it’s been more than 10 years since i last visited korea before 2006
before 2006, the last time i went to korea was when i was in middle school
and in 2006, that was when i went to the study abroad program at yonsei university
one of my old friends, you already know this story
why do you wanna know now
i already told this to you before
anyways, so when i was a university student
one of my friends, he pushed me, he really persuaded me to do the study abroad program at yonsei university in seoul, korea
and i told him that you know i didn’t know if i could go
i really wanted to go cuz you know we were korean american
and we haven’t been to korea in a long time
and he really kept on pushing me to do it
i didn’t have a lot of money
i was on student loans
but i knew this would have been a great experience
so after he kept on pushing me and persuading me to do this
i have decided to go
so i went
but the funny thing was
that friend
i don’t even talk to him that much anymore
he didn’t end up going
i think i told this to you before
do you remember?
so all that pushing and persuading
that motherfucker, right?
he didn’t even end up going
i ended up going
so but the funny thing was
i persuaded my other friend
my other friend andrew to go
i persuaded andrew to go
but andrew went


and i don’t think he’s been to korea for a long time
also longer than me
or ever, i don’t know

and so when i first came to seoul
my biggest impression about seoul
the city was so busy
it was so busy
so many people
so crowded
so busy, it felt like the city never slept
it’s true, the city, seoul never sleeps
i think i saw an article somewhere now that
seoul is ranked number 1 for nightlife or partying right now

so the biggest impression that i got was
the city was so lively
everybody was so busy
so crowded
and i never really lived in a city in california
i guess you can say the suburbs
so it was a whole new experience for me
it really opened my eyes
and i was really
really, what’s the right word
at how the culture and life was in seoul
and i ended up staying there for
well i stayed there for 3 months
i had a fun time
if i tell you
you already know what i did


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