Workout Session 2 with a Torn ACL

A Hard Workout Session 2 with a Torn ACL


Workout Session 2 with a Torn ACL

Torn ACL history: I tore my ACL for the second time in September while sparring.  Ever since then, I haven’t really trained or had a decent workout.

Due to my torn ACL, I had to put my MMA training on hold, or more specifically sparring.  It feels like I haven’t sparred, wrestled or rolled (jiujitsu) since forever.  It feels terrible not getting to do what I love.  I think jiujitsu is ok to do with a torn ACL, but unfortunately, I believe many of the gyms in Chiang Mai close very early (around 8 PM).  I’d love to keep training in some martial art, but most of the gyms in Chiang Mai do not fit into my schedule.

Need to get my knee fixed ASAP

Also, I’ve been eating terribly.  In other words, I’m definitely out of shape.  Since I do not want to go through ACL reconstruction surgery again, I am looking into another option: stem cell injections.  I’m still not sure if I’m able to receive this procedure, but I’ll find out in a few days after having a phone consultation with the doctor.  If I’m able to get the stem cell injections, the first step I must do is save, save and save.  I wasn’t able to find much information of stem cell injection procedures in other countries.  I was only able to find “reliable” information in California.  Or I”m just terrible at researching on Google.  Anyway, the procedure is so expensive that it’ll take me some time to save up.  I guess I’ll find out more details after the doctor’s phone consultation.

Moo Baa Strongman Gym

While I’m trying to save up for this procedure, I didn’t want to do light calisthenic workouts at home by myself.  I didn’t think I was pushing myself had enough in terms of strength and conditioning.  One of my biggest weaknesses in MMA is my strength and conditioning.  Fortunately, I did some browsing and found a gym in Chiang Mai.  The gym is called Moo Baa Strongman Gym.  As you can see in the YouTube video, Eric is the owner and trainer of this gym.  He specifically made my workout sessions to focus on strength and conditioning.  Also, he’s aware about my torn ACL injury and he’s been making the workouts around it.

Here was today’s workout session:

  • stretches
  • learning how to trap bar deadlift 5 x 5
  • learning how to press 5 x 5
  • resistance band knee exercise 5 x 5
  • pull ups 3 x 6
  • pallof press 3 x 8
  • tire flip 4 x 20 meters
  • tire sledgehammer 4 x 20
  • learning how to truck pull 4 x 15 meters

Again, as you can see in my YouTube video, I am so gassed out and out of shape… embarrassing.  It definitely was a good workout for me and I’m glad Eric is making a training regimen that works around my injury.

I’ll try and keep these workouts updated.  Hopefully some of these workouts can be of good use to you.


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